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Naïve Design

Webdesign discussion.

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This is a webdesign community for amateur designers of all ability. The word amateur in this context means anybody who does webdesign in their spare time and is not getting paid for it, although professional designers are more than welcome to come and discuss webdesign with us, and share information and tips.

The main function is just to have fun with webdesign, we want everyone who is part of this community to help eachother become better designers by critiquing their layouts or digital art (emphasis is on website-related design in this community, however) and making suggestions as to how to improve the particular layout and their design skill in general. Positive comments on designs are really appreciated too.

Discussion on webtrends, design "dos and don'ts", colour schemes, certain aspects of coding (illegal code, useful codes, etc.) is also very much encouraged. Just come here to talk about design in any way that you please.

We're hoping to be able to hold livejournal user icon/button making contests and such as well as helping people and discussing design in general, but this won't happen until we know people will be interested.

The most important thing to do here is just to relax, we all want to enjoy talking about design with other designers.

! Non-member posting is enabled to allow anybody who just wants some quick help with a piece of code or whatever without having to join to make a post asking us.

  • No spam/flames/hateful content. Keep your extremely politically incorrect views to yourself.

  • Any adult content, such as extreme violence or pornographic nudity should be hidden behind an lj-cut and due warning given in the post.

  • All images over 300 x 300 should be behind an lj-cut, this includes screenshots.

  • Constructive criticism only, please. Try to explain why something is bad, or what could be done to improve it. Don't be unduly unkind about somebody's design problems, either. Be tactful.

  • Don't complain or get upset if your work is criticised. If you can't handle helpful comments, then you are in the wrong place. We will try to be as nice as possible, but we want to help you get better.

  • Please attempt to use proper English (capitalisation, punctuation, spelling, etc.).

  • Think about making an introduction post when you join, tell us a bit about yourself, maybe even provide some links to websites you own and such.

  • Chill out. (:

If you have a question, comment or problem, please contact one of the following people: