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Here is a list of links to helpful online resources pertaining to webdesign.

  • Lissa Explains
    Anyone who's just beginning webdesign should visit Lissa Explains. This is a relatively easy-to-use site that's aimed at helping children learn HTML, but is useful for anyone. All the basics are here, as well as some handy CSS-related tips and tricks which can help with design once you have all the components for making a webpage.
  • Webmonkey: The Web Developer's Resource
    This is a comprehensive website which deals with all levels of skill, there's more than just HTML here. The pages are helpfully sorted into Beginners, Builders and Masters depending on difficulty, but nothing here should be particularly hard. Things are explained step-by-step with not only how to do things, but also how they work. There's also a useful Quick Reference library.
  • The Javascript Source
    For anybody interested in encorporating javascript into a page, this is a handy first-stop. There are thousands of scripts that do all sorts of weird and wonderful things on this website, some are more useful than others. However, javascript is not enabled in all browsers and can cause some nasty errors, so if you want your site to be accessable to as many people as possible, it's worth weighing up pros and cons.
  • Cascading Style Sheets
    A good reference for Cascading Style Sheets, or CSS. This website includes a guide to CSS as well as a lot of information on how CSS works and how to use it properly.
  • Good-Tutorials.com
    A good resource for useful and interesting tutorials for those of you using Adobe Photoshop to design with. There are thousands of tutorials on how to vector using Photoshop and create various effects.
  • The Web Machine
    This is a website with various tutorials for a whole range of graphics programs, including Adobe Photoshop and Illustrator. Worth checking out.
  • Online Colour Schemer
    I really can't stress to you the importance of using colours that don't clash in a layout. There is funky, and then there's aesthetic molestation. This is a handy resource for choosing colours that fit well together, and can be used as an RGB to Hex converter, if you need the hex code for a particular colour.

As suggested by divadrummer:

  • http://alistapart.com will teach you how to do things with CSS that you only thought were possible with javascript and tables and stuff. If there's a way to substitute your nasty code nightmares with CSS, alistapart has it listed.
  • http://www.w3schools.com/ has great, plain-english tutorials on how to do advanced code-y stuff. HTML/CSS/XHTML/XSL/etc.
  • http://www.w3.org/People/Raggett/tidy/ cleans up your code for you and closes your unclosed tags, adds all the little stuff that we always forget to put in.
  • http://validator.w3.org/ checks the code of your page to see if you put anything weird in, left out quotes, closed things in the wrong order, etc.

I recommend adding this entry to your memories, since it's likely to be updated with more resources as time goes by.

- Mary (microcosma)
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