Nika Peek (sneekapeek) wrote in naivedesign,
Nika Peek

Adobe Vs Macromedia

Okay so I've been thinking about what sort of products to get and I believe, currently, I would like a web graphics program, a vector/illustrations program and a html editor that connects the two previous programs together. So the two main companies that deal with complete publishing are Adobe and Macromedia.

I've never had Macromedia products before apart from in ICT at school when we had to use FreeHand for a graphics project. I just wanted some help as to what you think would be the best option for an amateur designer?
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Most designers use Fireworks for web graphics and vector illustration - at least, that's my perspective on it. I've used it briefly for that and it's a bit of a learning curve, because I'm so used to Photoshop, but totally doable to learn. Not sure what kind of graphics program has a good HTML editor to tie it all together, aside from Dreamweaver. But it's really lame to get Dreamweaver for just the editor and the tag highlighting when you can get a standard text editor (EditPlus, jEdit, Ultra Edit are favorites) to do the same.
I think you pretty much just described the Macromedia package. Fireworks and Freehand have the graphics tied down between them, and Dreamweaver is one of the nicest HTML editors that I've had the pleasure of working with (desipte one or two... oddities). And you can never go wrong with Flash.
I love Maromedia. I am an acolyte of theirs. I got their products free, so of course I would be ^_^

Whether they're worth paying for is another matter. Like Lauren said - text editor.