Mrs. Unicorn Fancypants Hutchison VII (divadrummer) wrote in naivedesign,
Mrs. Unicorn Fancypants Hutchison VII

Sneek Peek

I know some people are interested in seeing some of my business portfolio. I have some screencaps of things I've designed so far uploaded to LJ for now:

I can't decide on a domain name for my resume and portfolio. Not that I'm looking to switch employers anytime soon, but my boss does want me to make one to attract more clients for us. Any ideas? is way too long, and no one ever spells Hutchison right. I like, but it doesn't seem too professional.

I'm also a bit skittish about assembling a portfolio, since I have absolutely no traditional art or graphic design to put in it (because I'm not really a visual artist), just UI/Web stuff, a list of projects I coded but didn't design, and some code samples. It seems sparce. I'm not sure what else to put in there.
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Why don't you go with your maiden name, like That's pretty easy to spell, although maybe already taken. (Your maiden name was Brown, right?)

And you could write a bit about each project, with screencaps, who you did it for and what the specs were, explain that you only coded it and have the snippets of code.
Wow, I'm suprised you remembered that. Yes, that's my maiden name :)

That actually sounds pretty good - fleshing out the web/UI designs. A lot of them need explanation anyway. I can't imagine going without explaining why I picked *periwinkle and lime* for an interface. Hehe.
Haha, actually I always have trouble remembering what your last name is now.