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Mary's Websites

Here is a list of websites I currently maintain:
  • My Collective
    This site contains some personal information, links to other websites, provides a central point for all of my sites to link back to and gives me a disassociate website to make layouts of basically whatever I want for.
  • Bewitching
    A shrine to Lulu of Final Fantasy X. Some of the content is a joke because I find making straight-up shrines to be pretty boring nowadays. I've been there, done that and been bored of all the generic content.
  • The Butterfly Effect
    A media tribute to Muse. This is something I can throw wallpapers and stuff at when I feel like making a wallpaper, but it isn't just random wallpapers so I know that the people who are visiting the site will be interested in the things I make because they relate to an interest of theirs.

Feel free to post links to your websites or digital art.

- Mary (foetusinfetu)
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