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About Anika

Hi, my name is Anika, I'm 16 and live in the UK. I've been interested in web design for about three years now and I must say that it is a very fun and fulfilling hobby. I've been through many phases of webdesign ranging from all the trends, swirl brushes, the occasional venture into 'grunge', the now infamous square period and the compulsory newbie designer complete with auto-play midis.

I'm interested in lots of things creative like art, writing and music. I love music and spend most of my income (or lack of) on CDs. I also watch a fair amount of television, play video games, shop and talk with my friends. I have a guinea pig called CoCo and she is so sweet, albeit, slightly anorexic (I'm indeed worried about her). I like the rain, love Winter and hate Summer and the heat it brings.

- Anika (sneekapeek)
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